Slow first half of 2017

So the first half of 2017 have been a slow start. We haven’t gotten any new servers up and running, and not really any plans to get any at the moment.

The community is still being active by playing different games like Tabletop Simulator, Arma 3, Garry’s Mod. We might not have any own servers but we’re joining in groups and gaming together on various servers we can find fitting for us.

We’re also putting some time in to planning and getting ready whenever Star Citizen is finally released. Trying to get the organization up and running, and also trying to get some tools to easily administrate the whole thing.

If you just wanna have a group to do some gaming with you can join us over at our Discord server. And please also check our community forum.
Also… We’re open for those who wanna join our Star Citizen organization. You can join our Discord server specific for that, our the one above. And please also check our organizations page and send us a application to join over there and on our forum linked above.

//TJ, Founder



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